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Doctor taking blood pressure of older patient

Dr. Manuel Riolo

Registered and Contracted 
General Practitioner

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About me

I am a general practitioner, graduated from the Catholic University of Louvain in 2022 with Great Distinction. I also obtained a certificate in electrocardiography in 2020 which allows me to perform and interpret electrocardiograms (ECG). 

Several reasons led me to exercise the wonderful profession of general practitioner. First of all, the unique and special relationship of trust between a doctor and his patient. It allows to take care of a medical problem in a comprehensive way while taking into account the specificities of his patient. I also chosed this specialty for the diversity of pathologies and patients (children, adults, elderly people).


In addition to my activity as a general practitioner, I also work in a hospital emergency department as well as in a company that organizes the repatriation of patients from abroad. 

I warmly welcome you to my office on Monday and Wednesday and on Tuesday and Friday mornings in French, Italian, Spanish or English. 


  • Medical certificate

  • Cancer screening (according to Belgian guidelines): cervix, breast, prostate, colon, lungs

  • Screening for STIs (sexually transmitted infections)

  • Medical record (DMG)

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)

  • Medical check-up for insurance

  • Infiltrations

  • Minor surgery: suture of wounds, removal or biopsy of skin lesion, ingrown nail

  • Blood test

  • Skin condition: warts, acne, psoriasis, eczema

  • Removal of wax plugs

  • Smoking cessation

  • Palliative care

  • Mental health

  • Child health

  • Woman health: contraception, hormonal implant placement/removal, prenatal check-up, pap smear test (HPV screening), menopause

  • Elderly health

  • Follow-up of chronic pathologies: diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, heart failure, kidney failure, chronic bronchitis

  • Vaccination

Doctor's Desk


I am pleased to welcome you to my office at the Saint-Michel Paramedical Center located 
Rue des Bollandistes, 48 in 1040 Etterbeek.

Out of office: 

17/04/2024 - 28/04/2024

19/06/2024 - 30/06/2024

27/07/2024 - 11/08/2024


Blood Test

Blood test

Blood samples are taken on MondayTuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Please bring your eventual analysis request and your identity card. 

NB: only blood samples will be taken on this kind of appointement.
For any other matter, please book a general consultation.

Doctor and Patient


I welcome you in my office on Monday and Wednesday and on Tuesday and Friday morning only with an appointment.

When making an appointment, please mention the reason of your visit

A fee will be charged for any missed appointment without notice, as provided by the College of Physicians.

Unfortunately I don't do home visits, except rare cases.

Doctor with Computer

Video consultation

By selecting "video consultation" when making an appointment, you will receive a link by email and SMS just before the consultation.

All you have to do is click on it at the time of the appointment.

Please note that the prescription of antibiotics, request for imaging or a medical certificate exceeding 2 days will remain exceptional without a prior physical examination. Renewal of prescriptions for patients unknown to the practice is not permitted.  

Medicine Prescription

Prescription renewal

Prescription renewal is only possible for patients already known at the office and who consulted less than a year ago
Just send me an email with the medication needed. They will then be  available on your electronic identity card within 3 working days.

If you do not have an electronic ID, please inform me in the email. 

Renewal is possible maximum once every three months per patient. Make sure to group your requests all at once.

NB: the treatment of some patients will be renewed only during consultation. I will inform you if this is the case for you. 

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays

Results of tests

By selecting "To be called back for results" when making an appointment, I will contact you by telephone at the scheduled time to inform you of your results.

Filling Prescription

Medical Record (DMG)

It is strongly recommended for patients affiliated with the Belgian health insurance to have an complete medical file with a general practitioner.

This file improves the quality of care, centralizes your health data and allows you greater reimbursement of your consultation by the health insurance.


It is fully paid by the health insurance, so you don't have to pay anything.
To create it, just let me know during the consultation. 


Emergency Vehicles


In case of vital emergency, dial 112.

For non-vital emergency, if I am not available, contact the general medicine on-call by dialing 1733 (contracted rates, during weekday evenings and weekends) or
SOS doctors at 02/513.02.02 (available 24/7).

Donation Jar


If you are affiliated with a Belgian health insurance, you will only pay the non-refundable part of the consultation, known as "tiers-payant". 

Blood test / Consultation
BIM (CPAS, chronic disease, etc) with DMG (Medical Record): 1 €

BIM without DMG: 1.50 €
Non-BIM with DMG: 9 €

Non-BIM without DMG: 11 €
CEE/Private insurance/No health insurance: 40 €

Medical examination for insurance: 60 €

Video consultation
If previous physical consultation within the year: BIM: 1 € / Non-BIM: 6 €
If no previous physical consultation/CEE/Private insurance/No health insurance: 30 € (not reimbursed!) 


Prescription renewal

BIM/Non-BIM: 1€ / 5€

CEE/Private insurance/No health insurance: 20 € by bank transfer


Analysis results

NB: additional fees can be charged in some cases

Make an appointment


Saint-Michel Paramedical Center

48, rue des Bollandistes

1040 Etterbeek

+32 499 91 34 83 (in case of emergency)

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